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 Post subject: Latest Version of the Defiler.NET [1.3.7]
PostPosted: Tue Aug 19, 2008 12:54 am 
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==V1.3.7 .NET==
1-Minor changes to allow for easier testing on my part.
2-Major refinement of the readme file. Removed non-applicable items and rewrote/added others.,
3-Added a direct link to the thread with spectre’s updated community fanpatch under the links menu.
4-Removed the language pack from the TQ Vault downloads, it is now included in the installer.

==V1.3.6 .NET==
1-Fixed an object reference error that occurred when loading the mods by screen with incorrect TQ or IT game path(s) set.
2-The expand caravan (character and shared) features can no longer be mistakenly used while Immortal Throne is running.
3-Various caravan functions have been slightly modified in case any of the issues encountered are from not running the Defiler with administrator privileges.
4-Modified various caravan functions so that errors should not arise from the file already being in use or locked by the Defiler.
5-Changes are now made to a temporary file before copied over the original for caravan changes.
6-Fixed an error that could occur while detecting a game’s version.

==V1.3.5 .NET==
1-Modified the function used to get internet data to function more efficiently.
2-Fixed an error that could occur when attempting to auto-detect your game version with no game path set.
3-TQ/IT character paths as well as the TQ/IT game paths are no longer saved to the registry.
4-When changing your character save paths, you’ll be given the option to create backup directories if they don’t already exist.
5-Other minor fixes/changes.

Note: A survey has been added to this version of the Defiler. It is 100% anonymous and once taken will not appear again. If you do not wish to participate you can ignore it each time it appears upon the loading of the Defiler and it will stop appearing after August (2011). The data gathered will be used both for future projects as well as my Technical Reporting assignment.

==V1.3.4 .NET==
1-Fixed an error with the patcher stating that a file was in use by another process.
2-Fixed Bman’s ‘Show All Damage’ mod for IT.
3-Mods incompatible with downloadable game versions no longer can be selected.

==V1.3.3 .NET==
1-Various error handling and streamlining improvements.
2-Fixed the ‘Fix All Caravan Files’ function. This affected anything that used it including the fix all button, copying or renaming characters with stashes, etc.
3-Added a new ‘fix’ mod by The Lord of Space. This wonderful mod fixes the condition for when a power begins to affect you or stops affecting you, it can incorrectly update your animation timing causing your casting animation to slow to a crawl. Note that this will download an extra small dll file into your game’s directory (or copy it if it was downloaded with the program) in order for the fix to work. Also note that this may not be Direct2Drive compatible, if you run into issues starting IT, simply disable this mod.
4-Added an option to hide the messagebox that appears when the character list is automatically reloaded.
5-Previously when using the ‘Create Backup(s)’ button it would re-enable autobackups even if it was currently disabled, this no longer happens.
6-Fixed Bman’s unique chance multiplier mod where when cancelled or an invalid value was entered it became disabled. Those that have had this happen will see it properly enabled with a X1 multiplier, you may simply click to disable (clear) it.
7-TQ Defiler now requires administrator rights upon starting, this will fix many peoples’ problem with file access errors due to running it incorrectly. Please let me know if you still get these types of errors.
8-Fixed a bad file number error when fixing the character texture for a character file.

==V1.3.2 .NET==
1-Various error handling and streamlining improvements.
2-Changes to make code less dependent on other code functions.

==V1.3.1 .NET==
1-Various error handling improvements.
2-Improved use of file input/output.
3-Added option to the mods by screen menu, ‘Create Backups’ will create a new copy of backups from your game files in case you’ve patched them or changed them (fanpatch for example).
4-The ‘Clear TQ/IT’ menus now properly clears all selected mods.

==V1.3.0 .NET==
1-Unique chance multiplier (by Raven for both TQ/IT) was increasing the items from a chest after recent adjustments, this has been fixed. The Defiler should detect old versions of the mod and update automatically when you load up the mods by screen. If the old mod is detected, you will get a messagebox saying this, and that the mod has been updated (this also affects the Increase Chest Items mod code).
2-Other minor fixes/changes.
3-Fixed path does not exist errors when attempting to fix caravan files when you don’t have a shared caravan or main/custom characters folder.
4-Fixed tab index error messages on the mods by screen for those who only have TQ or only have their game path/version set for TQ or set for IT.

Special thanks to those who reported these errors!

==V1.2.9 .NET==
1-Made various changes to the Mailer Tool. A valid email address is required now, as I’ve gotten a few reports that have made me aware of an issue or two but no way to check back for more information. The Mailer Tool can now be used to attach the currently selected character if you wish (to have me fix a character file or check it for example).
2-Overhauled the entire TQ Defiler source code to use new try/catch statements, versus the old on error code. This will provide much more detailed error messages and information when reporting them. Also more detailed error messages and problem descriptions throughout the Defiler.
3-Removed the coloring of the greatest monster killed text (yellow was unreadable).

==V1.2.8 .NET==
1-Removed the ‘User-Made’ tab from the mods by screen, I don’t plan to incorporate this feature in this project. This will be a next project feature for sure for those including the mod engine.
2-Modified the code slightly for Raven’s increase chest items and unique chance multiplier mods to allow for a higher item limit. The old value was preventing higher values from being usable with the mod. This change affects both regular TQ as well as IT and does NOT change the limit of 50 currently in place.
3-Upgraded the Defiler’s error system to include the ability to submit an error report instantly when it happens. Inclusion of name/email/your description is optional, this should make reporting errors painless and efficient for users. It will also optionally attach your currently selected character and basic system information (Windows version and CPU type) if you wish for more accurate problem detection.
4-New error reporting system can also be used to submit comments, suggestions or questions to me as well via the ‘Mailer Tool...’ menu.

To really take advantage of the new error reporting system I’ll be working on revamping a lot of existing code for the next Defiler version.

==V1.2.7 .NET==
1-Values for experience loss and tombstone recovery were being rounded when they shouldn’t be.
2-After loading the settings screen with a character active and selected, you could no longer modify character values after closing the settings screen. This is now fixed and reloads the current character if one was selected.
3-When opening the mods by screen when the game is running, you will no longer receive the game is running messages repeatedly.
4-The ‘Patch Game’ button is no longer enabled when Immortal Throne is running.
5-Added a new mod for IT named ‘Remove Skill Reclaim Cost’. Removes all costs associated with reclaiming your skill points. You will not lose money and you won't get points added to your total points reclaimed (this will also NOT affect current skill points reclaimed) while this mod is active.

==V1.2.6 .NET==
1-Fixed minor bug on the ‘Restore’ advanced screen, when closing via the ‘X’ in the corner the mods screen would remain hidden.
2-The text displaying the number of waypoints in Legendary displayed on the button was being cutoff, this is now fixed.
3-Added a test tab for displaying inventory information/records for the character, this can be displayed/hidden via the ‘Settings’ screen. No functionality currently, but please let me know if you notice anything that looks like it isn’t displayed properly for your character (or if you get an error when loading your character). Note when it’s hidden the inventory isn’t loaded for characters. Currently loading of equipped items has been disabled and will not be shown.
4-Added an option to ignore ‘LoadInventory()’ error messages, this is primarily for testing purposes and is disabled by default. If you get an error please report the error to me, then enable this option to hide the inventory error message. The loading of the character will not be affected.
5-Fixed a bug in the remove mastery where it would add either the mastery total points to the character’s total or the sum of skills in the mastery, but not both.

==V1.2.5 .NET==
1-Updated the ‘About’ tab information, something that has been very long overdue.
2-Updated a few more website links that have recently changed.
3-Added a link to Grim Dawn.
4-Fixed a typo on the ‘Basic’ tab.
5-Removed the ‘Critical Hits Received’ display, as the game doesn’t actually keep track anyway.
6-Numerous labels have been replaced with readonly texboxes so users can copy text from various pieces of information about their characters and a few things have been moved around slightly.

==V1.2.4 .NET==
1-Fixed an error with the skills tab functionality, it was changing the values for skills in memory only and not directly to the file as it should. A leftover from when the Defiler was created to modify characters in memory only.
2-When changing a skill’s level you are now given the option to subtract the points used (or add them) to your skill point total. If this reduces it to 0, your skill point total will be 0.
3-Removed the ‘calculator’ from the skills tab as it is no longer needed and reformatted/resized the record display to show the entire record better.

==V1.2.3 .NET==
1-Added a new mod by EJFudd for IT. This mod fixes Immortal Thrones random number generation to create a more balanced (and varied) loot drop. Item stats may also be affected (not permanently), as the item’s seed may be used in conjunction with the game’s RNG function to determine and display item stats. This mod is for Immortal Throne only (also compatible with the fanpatch).
2-Implemented Rick’s fix for IT (sounds nice eh?) for those who have socket error issues when trying to refresh the list of games for multiplayer. Note while the mod is active you may not get active server pings. Please let me know how this works (as I don’t have the problem myself) for those who get the assertion error when trying to refresh the list of games.
3-Removed date/time build/edited tags from the program and readme.
4-TQ Defiler now uses a pdf file for a readme.
5-The top of the pdf readme file also includes CRC32 and MD5 checksum values (for the program) to prevent any tampering that may occur from third-party websites.

==V1.2.2 .NET==
1-Slight changes done to the skills/masteries portion of the Defiler to fix remaining issues (including removing the dream mastery). This also affected the restoration of the dream mastery. More control has been given to the user as to if they want the skills removed and if they want the points refunded or not and the messages are more specific and descriptive.
2-After removing a mastery, the ‘Remove’ button will become a ‘Restore’ button and allow you to re-add the mastery if you change your mind right away (along with removed skills/points). Note this could be done when using the ‘Restore’ button on the ‘Skills’ tab for a mastery skill as well.
3-Restoration of a mastery has been modified so when you restore a mastery whose skills have NOT been marked, they will not be included in the restoration (namely their skill points).
4-System tray icon has been removed, as it provides no real functionality and I probably won’t have time to implement what I wanted to with it.

Note: Custom masteries and skills using expansion record paths (“XPack”) would have also been affected the same way the dream mastery was and should work correctly now.

==V1.2.1 .NET==
1-Added a link to download TQ Vault's language pack.
2-Added a messagebox for Bman's infinite potion stack mods for both TQ and IT. This is a note about how large quantities of potions on your character may cause game lag (especially on low-end systems).
3-Browsing for your saves/game path now uses 'Desktop' as a root folder.
4-Updated some readme information including Twitter info.
5-Added ‘PayPal’ donate button and ‘Twitter’ button to the Defiler.

Also investigated and test Raven’s various mods for TQ 1.30 that have been reported here or there as having crash issues. If you have any problems please report to me the type of game, version, and mods that are active along with values used. I did not have any problems on my end so I’m a bit stuck on what’s causing the problem for certain users.

On a side note, please note that all my websites are now subdomains of soulseekkor.com (no more tqdefiler.com etc.). My forums are on soulsforums.com.

==V1.2.0 .NET==
1-Improved handling of version and path issues that may arise when using the Defiler's mods screen when no version or path has been selected.
2-The majority of the mods have had their check patterns increased to avoid false positives when detecting whether a mod is enabled or disabled (or available at all).
3-The mods by screen now displays your currently selected game versions and paths. This is to be more clear to the user and also to help me with troubleshooting.
4-Included a timeout (1 sec per file) on the internet functions so that when no connection is present the program doesn't appear to freeze upon startup for an eternity.
5-Fixed an error on the mods by screen. The screen was supposed to be grayed out when the respective game path was not set, by mistake this was happening when the respective character path was not set.
6-Updated various portions of the Defiler and this readme to reflect new company and website information. Please take note that demortex.com and tqdefiler.com will no longer be hosted as I can't afford to pay for multiple domains and the demortex name is being phased out. They will expire in approximately 3 months.
7-Note that my primary email and Live Messenger/Yahoo IDs have also changed.

Please remember that although this is no longer a beta, alot of work has been done recently (entire character editing portion) and although I've tried to be as thorough as possible with testing bugs may have slipped through...as always please make backups before you editing your characters!



Defiler.NET 1.3.9 has been released!

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sat Aug 28, 2010 5:27 pm 
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==V1.1.3 .NET==
1-No seriously, gender and tunic color changing are really in.

==V1.1.2 .NET==
1-Removed the errant line controls from the settings tab of the Defiler that was causing a crash.

==V1.1.1 .NET==
Starting with this release all website address references will be migrating from demortex.com to soulseekkor.com, please take note of this!
1-Added a new tab to the ‘Settings’ screen named ‘Executables’. Using this tab users can specify a custom executable to run TQ or IT with as well as command line arguments, this will then be used by the program for features such as menus used for running the game. This should solve the problem with Steam users being unable to launch the game from the Defiler. Note that the command line will be used when enabled even if no custom executable is selected. If need be, the starting directory may also be changed if you wish to use a different directory other than the game directory.
2-Rebuilt the update tool included with the Defiler program.
3-Gender and tunic color changing have been turned back on, both were previously disabled.
4-Removed anything related to the Defiler saving changes you make to memory and the undo system. This isn’t something that’s practical to add this far into the Defiler’s development and won’t be included.
5-Disabling the game’s videos worked fine, but you couldn’t enable them again. This is now fixed.
6-Did some organizing of the menus.
7-Fixed the ‘Fix All Caravan Files’ feature; in the case of the shared storage it was being ignored.
8-The ‘Fix All Caravan Files’ feature will no longer update the shared storage when it doesn’t need to be updated, this had no noticeable effects.
9-Auto-Backup tab will no longer “multiply”.
10-Explicit backups now have functionality. (Not recommended for low-end systems.)
11-Various downloads have been removed from the ‘Restore’ screen of the Defiler, a couple hosts have had more than excessive bandwidth usage on these files. Only large files have been removed; including dialog, level, and scenery arc files.
12-Greatest damage dealt can now be reset again.
13-“Not Direct2Drive Compatible” text has been modified as there are now multiple downloadable versions available and it applies to all of them, not just D2D.
14-The menu for expanding a character’s caravan will be disabled when a regular TQ character is loaded.
15-Removed the menu option for downloading the no install version of TQ Vault, as the author will no longer be releasing versions without the install.

It has been a very long time since the last release, please make sure to backup a character before doing a major change, especially with features that are newly added! Thank you.

==V1.1.0 .NET==
1-A new program has been written and included with the Defiler. This will allow easy updating of the program without the need to download and reinstall manually. As such a new menu option has been added under downloads named ‘Run Auto-Update’, this along with a button which will only appear if a new version is available. The button only shows when the check for latest news/version feature is enabled. If a new version is found the program will notify you and ask you if you wish to auto-update, this can be disabled in the settings screen using the existing ‘Disable ‘outdated’ notifications’ option.
2-The auto-update menu as well as the Itemus menu download options now display version numbers.
3-Minor aesthetic changes.
4-Made another rewrite for the functions that use my website. When the website is down or you no longer have connection to the internet there won’t be a long lag time for the program to startup anymore (yay!).
5-Quote of the day feature now notifies you by text in the quote box when it fails to retrieve the quote.

NOTE: With this version a new program SSUpdate.exe has been included with the Defiler.NET, this program is required for auto-updates.

==V1.0.9 .NET==
1-All functions using scripting for folders/files have been rewritten so that the scripting.dll file no longer has to be included with the Defiler.NET. This eliminates the ‘Can’t create instance of object’ error associated with users missing this file.
2-The ‘Get News’ feature has been rewritten without the use of the Microsoft XML object. Clicking the button now properly refreshes the news data where the XML object was unable to do so. Also handles errors when it can’t access the files needed better. This eliminates the problem with users who don’t have the XML files required for this feature to work properly.
3-The QOTD feature no longer uses the Microsoft XML object.
4-Caption updater no longer uses the Microsoft XML object.

The primary goal of this version was to eliminate anything that relied on files outside of the .Net Framework. This has been done in this version and will eliminate many problems people had with missing files or version issues with those files.

==V1.0.8 .NET==
1-Added code to help eliminate problems with the mods by screen. Many users experience issues because of Vista UAC and XP file protection as well as not having game paths or versions set. This is all checked as the screen is loaded now and gives helpful messages before the error happens.
2-Fixed the saving and loading of the ‘use custom map’ checkboxes, both were reversed. This also fixes an issue with custom maps not being used until Defiler was restarted.
3-Fixed an issue with Steam users with Immortal Throne who received repeated sets of errors on the mods by screen due to the three Direct2Drive incompatible mods.

==V1.0.7 .NET==
1-Added a list of shortcuts to the rebirth fountains tab. This can be used to jump to the major bosses by selecting one of the items from the dropdown list.
2-Removing masteries was not correctly marking the mastery for deletion, it would remove it once the game was entered as expected but the Defiler wasn’t able to recognize this and was unable to give you the option to re-add the mastery if you wished.
3-Removed unused menus and program screen.

==V1.0.6 .NET==
1-Removed the readme section on saving settings manually as there is no need to anymore.
2-Added support for custom quest characters being loaded via TQ Vault.
3-Added a new tab to the settings screen. This tab is for setting up the location for where you have TQ Vault installed. A button has been included named ‘Detect’ to try to find TQ Vault for you. Also on this tab you can type in the custom map you would like the Defiler to use when launching TQ Vault with a custom quest character.
4-On the new TQ Vault tab is a link that explains the instructions for the easiest TQ Vault installation, and downloads the latest TQ Vault (from my website) directly for you.
5-Updated various outdated website links.
6-Rebirth fountains have been re-added to the program and should be complete in their listing. You can now use these to set your new starting location for your character. Note that the rebirth fountain for an area listed is typically located just before you enter that area. For example, the Boetia fountain is located in Halcyon Coast just before Boetia. You must set the rebirth fountain, enter the game, then exit and re-enter the game for the change to take effect. This behavior will be changed in a later version.
7-Added a new mod for Immortal Throne. ‘All Inventory Bags’ allows your character to gain all 3 inventory bags upon entering the game. To use, enable this mod, load the game and enter the game ONLY with the character(s) you wish to gain all 3 bags with. Exit to the main menu and enter the game again (this step sets focus to the bags so you can see them otherwise you can click where the bags should be as well and they’ll show up), then close the game and disable the mod after you are done using it. If you leave it enabled nothing bad will happen, but you won’t be able to select any other bag until you disable the mod.
8-Added a new mod for Immortal Throne. ‘Lesser Flying Bodies’ drops the distance guys fly after death to near-zero. This is only useful for those who don’t want their loot/bodies flying everywhere after killing mobs. Note that this is a modified version of Bman’s Super Flying Bodies mod, as such only one can be active at any given time.
9-Slight mod engine changes to allow for multiple versions of the same mod (see #8).
10-Fixed Bman’s Remove Broken Items mod, it was turning red when enabled instead of blue.
11-Added a download link for the Community Bugfix Fanpatch under the downloads menu (note that this is for Immortal Throne only).
12-Added two download links for Lufe and Fathersquid’s AllSkins mod under the downloads menu; one for Immortal Throne and one for the Titan Quest version.
13-If possible the Defiler.NET will now be able to retrieve the relevant versions (and caption updates) for any downloads listed under the downloads menu and update the captions accordingly. This should make it easier to tell when new versions of any mods or programs that you like are released.
14-When the Defiler.NET is run, it now requires administrator level rights. This solves any issues with the mods by screen and those who have trouble fixing the problem on their own.
15-Fixed a bug preventing the ‘Fix All Caravan Files’ feature from working.
16-The Immortal Throne mods tab will no longer show up when only Titan Quest is installed. If Titan Quest is not installed the tab will be hidden as well and you will receive a message stating your game version and path must be set first.
17-Menus on the mods by screen are now more intelligent, you can no longer clear IT mods when you don’t have the expansion installed or add a profile to both TQ/IT when one or the other is not present or found.

==V1.0.5 .NET==
1-Fixed an issue with the Steam version of Immortal Throne which caused overflow errors on the mods screen due to incompatible mods.

==V1.0.4 .NET==
1-Fixed an issue with Steam/D2D versions of Immortal Throne causing overflow errors on the mods screen.
2-Fixed an issue where the SoulSeekkor mods frame as well as TEAM AG.RU frame were staying enabled when they should have been disabled when no version was set.
3-The TqitD.exe file is no longer a file that is backed up by the Defiler. There are no mods that modify this file at this time, the Defiler will ignore it if it does exist from now on.

==V1.0.3 .NET==
1-Various fixes and changes to the install program.
2-Added support for the Impulse version of Titan Quest 1.30.
3-Fixed an issue with the new saving in the Defiler.NET that made it so only auto-detected versions saved to the settings file or versions retrieved from the registry. Manually changing your game version will now correctly save to the new settings file upon closing the settings screen.
4-The Defiler’s title bar now reflects the correct game versions selected after changing them.

==V1.0.2 .NET==
1-Fixed an issue where using the ‘X’ to close the mods screen would create a situation where you were unable to close the Defiler. This is because the main screen is hidden when the mods screen is loaded, using the ‘X’ now properly displays the main screen again.
2-Fixed the icon not properly unloading from the system tray when closing the Defiler.
3-Added limited functionality to the system tray icon.
4-Fixed an issue that could cause settings.dat settings to be read incorrectly.
5-Fixed an issue that could leave the ‘Run …’ menus disabled after changing the game path until the program is restarted.
6-Fixed the ‘Only Show Immortal Throne Characters’ option, it previously had no effect unless set in the settings.dat file or set manually every time the program was loaded.
7-Removed the Defiler’s auto-detect version feature upon startup. This will only be used once when the settings file does not currently exist instead of every time the Defiler loads.
8-The Defiler will no longer create backup folders on the root folder of the hard drive when the character path(s) are not set.
9-Removed the option to disable the “non-default save directory” message, as this message no longer exists.
10-Fixed an issue where when closing the Settings screen using the ‘X’ it wouldn’t save settings.
11-The ‘Default’ buttons for character tags are now functional. Also changes made to the tags no longer require a restart of the Defiler to apply.
12-The function to detect the character save path has been updated and should better detect the user’s paths for character save locations.
13-[IMPORTANT!] The Defiler no longer uses the registry regularly to load or save settings. Instead a file located in the Defiler’s directory (settings.dat) will be used to save/load any settings, this avoids issues with the Defiler being run without administrator privileges. The Defiler will attempt to use your current settings and can also attempt to detect your registry settings for you, but only on the first time loading without the settings file being present (unless you manually try using a button found on the settings screen).

NOTE: This settings.dat file can be copied for later use, if you uninstall or install the Defiler on another computer simply copy this file to retain your settings.

==V1.0.1 .NET==
1-An error message is now shown when the quote of the day cannot be retrieved.
2-Added an alternative website to find the community patch as the main website is currently down.
3-The ‘Changes’ menu will now be hidden since the Defiler currently does not feature making changes in memory…if it will at all. The undo/redo system and save/save as features are not needed.
4-Removed the ‘Inventory’ tab as there won’t ever be an inventory system added with TQ Vault around and I don’t see being able to really integrate TQ Vault into the Defiler in any way (other than the menu).
5-Fixed various messages in the Defiler as some still included outdated information (‘Fix Me’ button ring a bell?) and made them more consistent and helpful.
6-Teleport, rebirth, and respawn data versions have been moved to the ‘Misc’ tab.
7-Removed the ‘Rebirth’ tab as it currently isn’t functional and doesn’t contain a complete rebirth fountain list. The way it has to be done to update the location also isn’t very intuitive because of the game.
8-Renamed a couple tabs to make use of the added space and to be more descriptive.
9-Fixed an issue that could cause multiple blank ‘Character’ tabs to be created.

==V1.0.0 .NET==
Please note that the Defiler.NET will only make use of the ‘save changes as you click’ method, as it would have taken too much time to implement the undo system at this time. Also some changes to characters will still cause characters to reload in the Defiler, this will be refined over time to not have to do this anymore. Waypoints will retain the old ‘Save WP Data’ button in the meantime to save changes.

Please note that some changes/features in this list may not actually be completed yet.

1-(Currently disabled in this release. Memory streams are in fact used for loading however.) The Defiler.NET uses memory streams to load characters instead of loading directly from the file. This will allow you to make changes and then save them or undo them when you want to. You can also select to save as you make changes (like the old Defiler) via the settings screen.
2-The character’s load function has been completely rewritten to be more efficient, character loads should now be instantaneous. As a side effect, quest rewards are now loaded and can be seen under the skills list if you choose (hidden by default). This is intended as the quest rewards are in fact considered skills by the game.
3-The Inventory Sample screen has been removed for now, as the most important part was to be the inventory aspect and this is covered by TQ Vault anyway.
4-Removed the character texture from the display.
5-Removed the ‘Save Gender/Tunic Color’ button as it is no longer needed.
6-Removed the ‘Character Type’ display as it is redundant and not functional.
7-Split the information that used to be on the ‘Misc’ tab between two new tabs ‘Deaths/Kills’ and ‘Misc’.
8-The waypoints are no longer on a separate screen.
9-Custom exe has been removed from the settings screen since it has no functionality anyway.
10-Directories tab on the ‘Settings’ screen has been redone to be cleaner and more user-friendly.
11-Replaced the ‘IGN TQ Forums’ link with a general link to the site.
12-Caravan expansion functions have been rewritten to be more accurate and efficient.
13-Renamed Raven’s ‘Increase Chest Items’ mod to ‘Increase Items In Chest By #’.
14-The enable/disable intro video options now use checkboxes instead of caption changes.
15-The restore buttons on the mods screen has been replaced with menus.
16-A combobox has been added to the mods by screen that will allow you to select a premade profile with mods you selected. This will be useful if you want to have specific setups for challenges, fun, etc. You will be able to import/export these profiles if you wish. You can edit these via the menu that was added.
“Add” prompts you for a profile name and creates one with the mods you have selected specific to the tab you are on.
“Add Both” prompts you for a profile name and creates one with the mods you have selected for BOTH tabs.
“Remove” removes the currently selected profile.
“Import” prompts you for a profile file to import.
“Export” prompts you for a profile file to export the selected profile to.
17-(Currently enabled by default in this release. Setting cannot be changed currently.) A new option has been added to the settings screen. “Save as you make changes” will make the Defiler.NET behave in the Defiler fashion by saving as you make the changes to the character. The following settings file tag has been added:
[instantsave]=1 (1 for ‘true’, 0 for ‘false’)
18-Removed the ‘Refresh’ button for the character list, this list is refreshed automatically anyway.
19-Latest news box has been “improved” and even allows links now. This should make it easier to read.
20-Added two menus on the mods by screen for quickly clearing any selected mods.
21-Added a system tray icon for various things including status updates.
22-The status of TQ and IT mods are now checked through memory streams like the character. This should be faster and also prevents file access errors from occurring (I hope)…at least until you actually try to enable a mod.
23-The progress bar and other indicators have been removed for character loading as they are no longer needed.
24-The skill enabled option has been removed from the skills list tab as it seems to have no purpose in-game.
25-Modified the Defiler to allow loading of non-standard tunic color names.
26-Added a new mod by Bman for Immortal Throne v1.10. “Show Hidden Prefixes/Suffixes” will display any prefixes or suffixes usually hidden for items by the game…typically on epic and legendary equipment.
27-Added a new mod by me for Immortal Throne v1.10. “Show Anger Graphs” will display the anger graphs normally hidden by the game when enemies are near you.
28-All websites within the Defiler have been updated for my website to reflect the new tqdefiler.com web address, please note the change. My email address has also been updated, although the old one will still work fine.
29-Fixed endless “List of characters has changed…” messages.
30-Fixed endless error messages when an error has occurred on the mods by screen.
31-All mods now use my new “mod engine”. This mod engine allows me easy one call access that can both enable or disable a mod, and automatically recover when it fails to apply mods. It will be robust enough to allow for user-created mods soon. (You will need the knowledge to create the mod in the first place, sorry!)
32-Fixed endless error messages when the Defiler performs a character or directory check.
33-Added a link to the links menu for the Immortal Throne community patch website and have bolded it along with various other links to make them standout.
34-Fixed a possible issue with the refresh timer on the mods screen becoming disabled by mods with wildcards (experience multiplier, etc.).
35-Added a quote of the day scrolling text (sorry, couldn’t help myself). This can be disabled on the settings screen. Added another tag to the settings.dat file which is tied to the “Disable quote of the day scroller” checkbox, add this line:
[disablequote]=1 (1 for ‘true’, 0 for ‘false’)
36-Fixed a nasty little bug that would cause path not found errors after loading the Defiler.
37-The directories tab in the settings screen now includes examples to help prevent confusion.
38-Added a button to reset the greatest damage dealt on a character to 0.

Features Not Currently Included:
-Gender and tunic color changing.

Defiler.NET 1.3.9 has been released!

Maker of the Defiler and Portable. Get more information here!

"I hate it when people quote themselves in their signatures." - Me

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